Learn Facts about Vertical Blinds

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Vertical blinds are excellent window coverings for wider windows than their height. They can slide from one side to another. They are made from vinyl, fabric, or aluminum, named vertical because of their vertically suspended fabric strips or slats.

Some vertical blinds provide vertical louvers in PVC, aluminum, or textiles with a wide variety of colors, finishes, and textures appropriate for all design requirements in offices, homes, dining areas, conference rooms, and reception rooms.

Fabrics of vertical blinds are available over a wide range of qualities in colors on different widths. The fabrics include polyester, metalized fabrics, fire retardant glass fibers, or fabrics with a specialized reflective coating. These fabrics have different transparencies degrees ranging from semi-transparent, transparent, blackout, or opaque, enabling to control light at a specific level.

Vertical blinds are technically created for comfort and convenience.

  • Headrail designs as well as other apparent components, are elegant and slim.
  • Provides extreme smooth operation even for the largest designs of blinds.
  • The louvers are equally spaced and proven to hang parallel and straight because of the self-alignment patent mechanism of the slat traveler. Even if the louvers are misaligned, they can be immediately restored to their original position.
  • Hooks that are damaged can be easily replaced without dismantling the headrail. The louvers stack is reduced to a minimum level upon opening the vertical blinds because the narrow louvers travelers are completely attached to the end cap.
  • Louvers stack can be transferred to another side of the track through the release of the end stop.
  • They have a standard design of the cord control or the ball chain.

Some designs of vertical blinds are similar to a drapery allowing more light control specifications. Vertical blinds are appropriate for either formal or casual decorating of your doors or windows.

Designs of some vertical blinds can be seen as “outdated,” yet they offers a great opportunity for the owner to exercise creativity. Restyling vertical blinds are the cheapest way. Procedures include airbrushing or spray painting the blinds creating new textures. There are varieties of paint textures available to experiment with. You can add patterns through sponges and stamps for another creative technique.